Thursday, 20 March 2014


Cows with windows

OSU'S Ruminant Nutrition Department is studying cannulated cows as a part of their study. The study is about the conduction on the nutrition of domestic animals. Cannulated cows and other cows are same but the only difference between them is the canula- the cannulated are fitted with canula or in simple word we can call it a small window. The researchers have used the window to study what fills the rumen which is one of the cow's four stomachs.

The process of making cannulated cows seems to be against the animal right. People might demonstrate it as a cruel punishment for cow. But the procedure is not designed and does not hurt cows. A surgery about an hour is done when the cow is 2-3 yrs old and a canula is placed. During suregery, the cow is anesthetized to avoid the pain. cannulating cows is similar and also function as a normal cow i.e. the surgery doesn't affect their ability and overall performance (giving milk, good digestive system). This procedure is not against cows but in favour of their species in order to study and improve their health status. So it is an effective method of research.
Animal rights activists can consider a crime or cruelty as cutting a hole in a cow for research. But not to forget the same people also consider cruel for keeping any animal in captivity. The ethical treatment of animals’ member "believes that animals deserve the most basic rights- consideration of their own best interests regardless of whether they are useful to humans."

They also believe that animals should not be the part of food, clothing, entertainment or experiments. Apart from talking about all these stuffs if organizations are really concerned with the animal issues then should support research like cannulation as it is not against animal but for their sake to improve the health of cows.

The usage of cannulated cows is still in conflict with some people's disbeliefs but these cows are a helpful addition to any herd. The cow’s rumen fluid consists of microves in thousands of number which helps in fighting against harmful organisms. Some farmers even keep the cow on hand as rumen fluid donors. The fluid in cannulated cow can be taken and used the other sick cow to cure the illness. In this way the cows can grow healthier than before.