Friday, 14 February 2014


Valentine day in town

Rose, cards, gifts, cakes, town painted with red, yes Valentine’s day is today.. This time not only teenagers but also mid 20’s and 30’s have showed their interest for today. There are crowds to get flower and gift for their valentine. Back a decade only teenagers seems to be interested, fascinated and waited for the day of love however this time all age group has the similar and equal fantasy of celebration.
Different age groups: Nishika Pradhan, mid-30s, Subas Khadka, early 20’s and Sangita Ramdham, mid 20’s were equally excited in selecting gifts to make their day a memorable one with their valentine. Kathmandu streets were hit by many of these people to make their day buying gifts for their partner. Khadka who bought a bangle and teddy bear is planning to give them to his beloved with a red rose. 4

He said that the gifts they exchanged with each other is their way of expressing love. Floriculture Association of Nepal said that they will be importing 100,000 rose sticks from neighbouring country only for the Valentine. Around 55 retail florist are there in Kathmandu valley and each will around 2500 roses on this very day. Owner of Women in Floriculture Pioneer Flower shop of Kamaladi, Sabanam Shrestha said that cards, pillow of heart-shaped and teddy bears are high demand in Valentine. Just yesterday she sold around 3 dozen of teddy bears, pillows and mgs 

whereas in normal days the sales of these items are around 8. Valentine’s day has not only favoured gift shop and florists but also to the bakeries. Krishna bakery and Confectionery received more than 20 cakes order and according to them each year the number has increased.