Wednesday, 12 February 2014


'Bullet baby' born in India

During Mumbai attacks in 1008 where 166 people died when the corridor of hospital was raged by gunfight a baby Goli was born. In 26th Nov 2008, Goli’s mother Viju, 33 with her husband Laksham Chavan, 38 arrived in the hospital Mumbai’s Cama. Chavan’s mind was occupied by his wife’s labour. He said that he was only thinking about his wife pain and he wanted to get her to doctor.

Viju was admitted on the 4th floor of Cama’s maternity ward. Chavan went to buy medicine to another hospital. He heard the firing sound when he arrived at lift. He thought that the sound was of fireworks which might be the celebration of India-England cricket match. The visiting time of the hospital was over and the lift operator was saying everyone to leave.

Chavan spoke to watchman to say that he will be out to buy medicine and will return soon. The lift went without him so he took the stairs where he saw the horrific scene. He was so scared and went back upstairs. He told everybody that there was firing outside . Then they all piled beds in the front of doors so that they could stop the gunmen from entering the hospital. On the same time Viju was in her delivery. She could hear everything but the birth of the child couldn’t stop or wait. 

She said that she was so scared. The baby was delivered in silence and the staff did all the checking. Chavan received a message on 10:55 pm which said that his daughter was born. He remained in the ward till 2am with others. The door of the labour ward was hit by the bullet but fortunately did not penetrate but had a crack in the glass. The baby girl was named Tejaswini which showed the bravery of the female police officer against the corruption. The name was inspired from the Bollywood film. 

Later in the night when Viju was breast-feeding her doctor said her name should be Goli, which means bullet. Birth of Goli was headline news and the baby rise as a symbol of hope. The nickname stuck when many visitors came to see her.