Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Why slavery and sexual harassment to Kamlari girls. Is it the starting or never ending process?

When the world is celebrating human rights and everyone’s fighting for it here’s a 9 year old girl Manjita Chaudhary who was sold by her own father for $25 (NRs. 2500). Her family is in western Nepal which she was compelled to leave and travelled 124 miles away to her new employer house. Her daily routine was followed at 4am where she had to clean the whole house, wash all dishes, cook for them and also do the same kind of work in their relative’s house and sleep somewhere around midnight.

The 9 year old now 20 Chaudhary said to the AFF that her work was really hectic and sometimes she was not able to do the entire task and that’s where she was scolded, shouted, beaten with pans and pots and also threatened to sell her to another man. She also said that she was so scared of things and she used to cry in the bathroom so that nobody could hear her.

After a year she met her father and begged to take her home but her father said he couldn’t afford to raise her and also her younger sister. Both the sisters were sold in domestic slavery. The “kamlari” girls are the young girls and are considered as the most vulnerable citizens of Himalayan nations. These girls are beaten, kept as virtual prisoners and sexually abused by their employers. When the Tharu community of Nepal celebrates the Maghi festival in January, the same community also sign contracts of sending their daughters to work for strangers for only $25 (NRs. 2500).

 Chaudhary endured all the violence, sexual harassment while working as kamlari for 3 years. US-based Nepal Youth Foundation met her father and offered something he couldn’t ignore i.e. support, educate her daughter and end this crime. Chaudhary at 12 year learnt reading and writing. Her childhood scares her and also compels her to support and volunteer for kamlari right as advocate. 

Today Chaudhary has stood as a confident figure, well-dressed in trench coat and also she can communicate in 3 different languages. She said that she will not leave an inch to improve and end this slavery.