Monday, 20 January 2014


mother of 2 dalit women was raped by her neighbor

Latest news from Rautahat, Bishrampur VDC says that on Sunday night a woman of 25 years old was raped purposely by her neighbour. The suspect is Bhupendra Prasad Patel of 28. The woman he raped was a mother belongs to Dalit family and has two children. Patel took the advantages when no family members of the victim were in home.
The lady said that he came into the house when she was sleeping. Before raping he purposely gagged and bound her hands. The lady’s family members were gone for a religious function while her husband is in abroad with his job. The lady’s cry made the family member aware and later on found that she was raped. Her medical check up was done at Gaur Hospital which proved that she has been raped. The rapist was caught and handed to the police.