Saturday, 25 January 2014


Man sets self on fire in Washington

WASHINGTON: A American man set himself on fire in front National Mall in Washington as passers-by hurried to help douse the flames, eye witnessed said yesterday noon. The reason behind for the self-immolation was not clear yet and the man identity was not disclosed.
But it happened in public view on a central national gathering place in a city still rattled by a mass shooting last month and a high speed car chased outside the us capital yesterday that ended with a women being shot dead by police.

According to the, District of Columbia fire department Spokesman Tim Wilson “The man on the Mall suffered dangerous injuries and he was airlifted to the hospital”. The man was just standing by himself near the centre portion of the Mall. When he deflated the contents of a red gasoline can on him and set himself on

fire moments later said Katy Scheflen. A police department spokesman said he was conscious and breathing at the scene. MedStar Washington Hospital Centre has tweeted the victim was in a serious condition when brought to the hospital.