Sunday, 19 January 2014


Kingfisher Air in talks with an investor‚ says Mallya

Vijay Maliya and his Kingfisher Airlines was one of the hottest topics in India. Later on Kingfisher started losing its market potential. Now it seems like Kingfisher Airlines has got some wings and ready to fly. Recently news were flashing that the grounded company Kingfisher Airlines Ltd is talking to investors.

On Tuesday Vijay Maliya, Chairman of Kingfisher Airlines Ltd said that for possible sale of stake they are talking for foreign investors. However he did not mentioned the investor’s name.
On the annual meeting with company’s shareholder he said to the reporters that in the next 90 days news or the Airlines Company will be in its shape. Vijay Maliya had talked many times about his company and potential investors however his plans are not emerged so far.