Friday, 31 January 2014


700 ostriches insured in first such contract

Ostrich has been insured at ostrich Nepal by Lumibini General Insurance for many Rs.280 million. This is most probably the first time that birds expect from poultry has been protected. Ostrich Nepal along with the Lumbini General Insurance has signed a contract to protect almost 700 ostriches in farm. The first stage of the company has achieved 700 ostriches at the cost of Rs. 400,000 each.
General Manager of the company, Shekhar Baral said that the insurance in its first phase will be acknowledged for only six months however it will be renewed

afterwards. Insurance of the animals is no more unusual in Nepal. The animals like cow, buffalo, chicken, goat etc has been insured for many years. Dang is the new location for transferring the insured ostrich. Ostrich Nepal’s managing director CP Sharma said that the premium of Rs. 7.33 million should be paid

annual by the company. Ministry of Agriculture’s secretary Jay Mukunda Khanal added that the contract is not only a writer paper but this contract has begun a new chapter in the agriculture sector in Nepal. The first 3 months of the ostrich life is very risky so the company is only insuring adults.