Thursday, 5 December 2013


Two million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack

A report released this week states that around two million Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo account’s usernames and passwords have been stolen by hackers. Cyber-Security firm researchers Trust wave said that it was the result of key-logger software which is installed on computers around the world without the knowledge of general users.

The log-in details for key websites are being captured by the viruses over past month and those usernames and passwords were stored in server handled by hackers. Trustwave researchers tracked the Netherlands server on 24th November and found that compromised credentials of 93 thousand websites which includes:

Facebook - 318,000 Gmail, Google+ and YouTube- 70,000 Yahoo- 60,000 Twitter- 22,000 Russian social network ‘Odnoklassniki’- 9,000 ADP- 8,000 LinkedIn- 8,000

Trustwave notified the companies and they publicly displayed their results on Tuesday .