Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Tips for Donating a Car in California

How to donate your car to charity?
It sounds so simple to donate your used vehicles like car, bike and truck. Just call the charity organization or someone else will come and pick up your used vehicle or tell you where to bring that car. Though, there are so many charities to select from and so many people trying to cheat the innocent donor, picking the good and right organization is not always easy task. Before you donate your valuable vehicles keys to a charity, Please read the following tips:

What to do at first?

• Research the charity organization in the internet.

• Notice if you will receive a tax benefit or not for your donation of the vehicles.

• Calculate the value of your cars.

• Request if you as a donor or have any other responsibilities.

• Ask how will your car be used?

•The most important question is will that money from the sale of your car be used personally, locally or outside of community.

• Be sure that you will get a receipt from the charity of your car donation.

•You should always aware that non- cash donation are one of the triggers to an audit by the “IRS”.

•Avoid middleman because various organization offer you to help for your vehicle donation to charity. These company or organization takes about 40% to 80% of the vehicle value for themself. To avoid this contact directly with charities you admire.