Thursday, 12 December 2013


Surung Dekhi Sharsma (Nepali Documentary)

Young, intelligent and carrying own set of beliefs and ideals Suyog has his own story. How he views the society and how people see him are very different. He has a great hope that this gap of perception will change and get fulfilled. But the chains of society have bounded him so well that whenever he tries to get up he’ll be grounded. And so does his hope.

Here a question strikes in everyone’s mind- “What’s next?”, “Will he be able to find own happiness and dream?” Let’s keep it as a secret. Thousands of youth belonging to the middle class families has their own story.

Apabad is the existing story of them. Is it an example of aggression of 2 distinct thoughts of schools – one is the conservative mind which is influenced by the principle of social dogmas and another being more raw and sophisticated in nature, guided and leaded by freewill. Apabad is the story of torment, suffering and grief of an individual and unavoidable or predictable braking away to hysteria. 

The story shows how the people’s selection in absolute panic will lead them to. It also depict that hope is the best alternatives. To understand the true meaning of light one has to go through ultimate darkness. A soul tries to protect its purity from the dystopian world. 

Apabad is the story of achieving goal in life through continuous patience and persistence. It reflects our question though which we strike one day in our life. The question which we asked ourselves in our life – “Can we stand on what we believe when everyone is standing against us?” It is a story to break the society’s norms and values which bound us and walks in own path of realization and liberation.

Surung Dekhi Sharsma (Nepali Documentary)