Monday, 9 December 2013


Nepali student commits suicide in Japan

Kathmandu, 09 Dec: A Nepalese student has committed suicide in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday after writing the status in Facebook. Sooraj Basnet, 22 was the permanent resident of Satipeepal, Gorkha Nepal. Basnet committed suicide by jumping into a railway line from Sinagawa station in Tokyo on Sunday evening, informed chairman of FNJ Japan, Tilak Malla.

It has been known that Basnet was studying for last one and half month in Japan. Before committing suicide he had updated his status as he’s going far away with lots of memories and will not be back.

His situation was not crucial for suicide was said by his friend. The office bearers of NRN, Japan and other Nepalese reached the police station on Monday to ask about the incident.