Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Gurkha tells of grief for wife murdered

Glenn Nelson, 30 years old strangled mother of three Krishnamaya Mabo after trapping her and dragging her into a field just a few hundred yards from the barracks, where she lived with her husband, a serving Gurkhas soldier.The Reading Crown Court heard how Nelson who lived in a caravan had tired accosting 2 women earlier that evening before pouncing on Mrs.Mabo.

He had attempted to rape her but she put up such a fight that he strangled her by a piece of her own clothing and abandoning her body in an airfield at Aborfield in Berkshire.
Nelson received an 8 sentence in 2001 after being convicted of 2 crimes of tried rape but also had convictions for offensive attack and imposing actual bodily harm.

Appearing at Reading Crown Court via video link, Nelson was admitted murder and tried to rape. He was jailed for life with a minimum tariff of 25 years before he can be considered for release. The court heard how she had gone out for collecting nettles to make herbal tea when Nelson attacked her.

Nelson had gone out looking for a woman to rape and approaching lone females on 2 occasions, only to be distracted. He then went back to his caravan changed his clothes armed himself with knife and went back out to look for a victim.

The judge Mr Justice Singh was told Mrs Mabo had put up a brave fight and had even managed to disarm Nelson. But he overpowered her and strangled her using a piece of her own clothing.

Mr Justice Singh said: “"I have no doubt that you are a very dangerous man as you have demonstrated by committing a numbers of offences of violence against women in particular.”