Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Edward Snowden, Former US National Security Agents says, You‘ve been watched and recorded in internet

Who is Edward Snowden?

Mr.Snowden was system administrator in NSA (National Security Agency) and senior technical adviser to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).He was grown up in North Carolina and later moved to Maryland and resided near to the NSA.He was enlisted in US army in 2003 and was trained for special forces but he left after breaking his knees in training.

Later he enter the NSA as a security guard to the secret facilities of NSA of the University of Maryland .Being dropout student of the IT in Maryland community college his knowledge in IT took him to advance his career quickly in intelligence ranks .In 2007 he was stationed in Geneva as CIA with diplomatic cover where he acknowledged that he was part of unethical and harmful activities to the world in association with his government. He decideded to quit the job but waited for President Obama policy. He left the CIA and joined NSA as employee of outside contractor, including consulting giant Booz Allen. His salary was $122,000.

He left for Hong Kong secretly in order to reveal what US government is doing over the past few years and currently in order to track the communication of every person in the world that they communicate by the means of any electronic communication, telephone, mobile, internet (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber etc.) for the purpose of national security and prevent any potential threat.

In Hong Kong he gave an interview to the British newspaper the Guardian and revealed the classified US intelligence programme PRISM, internet surveillance. Currently he is charged with the act of treason of selling national property and secrets from United Sates government and requesting every country to deport him and not to accept him as asylum seeker. He is still in run and playing hide and seeks with United States government and his every move has been tried to track down but it became unsuccessful. It is believed that he is accompanied by the Wikilieaks members finding the route to reach Ecuador and he has safely arrived to the Moscow, it is also known that Russian president has rejected to deport him and saying, “He is free man”