Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Model Srijana Thapa Magar

A cheerful smile with perfect beauty and an ideal pout to persuade several hearts of any guys passing by she is the epitome of beauty. Welcome to Srijana thapa Magar from Nawalparasi. She is currently living at England. She established her as a model and VJ in the UK. She is studying diploma second year in Travel Tourism and Hospitality.

Tite Kareli le by Muna Thapa Magar

Muna Thapa Magar is from Manakamana-8, Gorkha. She is one of the most renowned singers of Nepali Folk Music Industry. She used to sing in the early age. Her first record was Cable Carma Gate. She released first music album in 2064 B.S.After the successful release of first album she recorded second album Chhori-2. Her most popular songs are: chiso chiso hawa, maya aafai hudo rahicha, samjhana manai ma, phone gar hai din ma ek feri and so on.

Magar Kauda with snake dance

Kauda Nach is very famous and old dance in Magar caste. This dance is popular in Tanahun,Syangja, Palpa and Gorkha. It is perform in Maghe Sankranti. The below video dance is captured at Kanchi Bazar at Kihun, Tanahun, Nepal. Hope you will enjoy it.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Parbati Rai Dance in South Korea

Enjoy this beautiful dance by Parbati Rai. she is very talented and famous dancer in Nepal.she has visited many countries to perform her dance. Watch this dance "Mero Baruli Kamar Lachakai" in South Korea 2013.Enjoy this beautiful dance by Parbati Rai. she is very talented and famous dancer in Nepal.she has visited many countries to perform her dance. Watch this dance "Mero Baruli Kamar Lachakai" in South Korea 2013.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Winning Miss Nepal World "Beauty with Purpose" Ishani Shrestha

Ishani Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2013 has made it in the final round of Miss World 2013. In the 63rd edition of the pageant she has been selected into the top 15 contestants. There was about 130 beauty queens with own unique country representing their own unique styles, fashion and talent.

Fake Gold, Silver inside gold ring

KATHMANDU: With the arrest of 7 members of a racket today, the Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) has shown new method of fraudsters engaged in tricking people into buying fake gold to cough up hefty cash from them.

Magar Film Song Harpalko Badhyata

Harpalko Badhyata is the Magar cultural Film directed by Mausam Paija Pun and produced by Gobin Pahare Pun and Jiban Buduja Pun. This Movie was shoot in myagdi district of Nepal, it's a love story movie based a poon magars cultural. Production is done by Pun Films (P.) Ltd, Pokhara. The main hero is Khiman Sherpuja and heroine Jamuna Armaja Pun. Hope you will enjoy watching this movie.

Kauda Dance of Rahughat Sero Feri,UK (8th Annual Magar Party)

Rahughat Sero Feri is founded by the members of Rahughat resident of Myagdi,Nepal. it is a non-profit organization originated in London. It was officially established in 2008. The organization has thrived and supported by the families and it's members across the UK in event of Happiness and sadness. It has around 180 members and is increasing by year after years. Ratna Sahi is the President of Rahughat Serofero,UK. Enjoy this Kauda dance.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

FIFA World Cup Trophy lands in Nepal

FIFA world cup trophy in Nepal Good news for all the football lovers and FIFA lovers. The first time in the history of Nepal FIFA World Cup Trophy landed in Nepal. The trophy was in the Kathmandu and was showed on Saturday. The trophy came on Saturday morning from Bhutan by a special jet. Due to poor weather condition the FIFA aircraft landed two hour delay at 11:50 am at TIA (Tribhuwan Internation Airport).

Friday, 20 December 2013

The Baby Was Born With Tail In China

CHINA: A devastated mother in china is begging doctors to help her 7 month old son, who has a 3 inch tail sticking out of his back. The little baby Xiao Wei was born with spina bifida which means his vertebrae did not from properly. The outcome is a growth that protrudes out of baby back spine & is still growing. Xiao mother Chen from Guangdong Province, said “we have requested the surgeons to remove the tail of the baby but they tell us it not that easy”

Kungur Ice Cave in Russia

Kungur Ice Cave is located in the Urals, Russia on the right bank of the Sylva River. This cave is famous for it’s’ ice formation and is popular tourist landmark. The Kungur Ice Cave has been known since 1703s, when Peter the Great issued the decree sending a well-known geographer S.U. Remezow from Tobolsk in Kungur. He worked out the Uyezed plan and made the first sketch of the cave.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ex King Gyanendra - Atmabal ko Jwarbhata (Dir. Prem Baniya)

This Films are a parts of 60 Second Short Movie festival of Nepal 2013. An annual event organized by Interface, Nepal Media for Arts and Rights. Watch this Short Movie.

Takme Buda Comedy Show

Wilson Bikram Rai as Takme Buda is a Nepalese comedian or comedy actor. He is most successful and respected comedian actor in the Nepalese community. He is famous as Takme Buda in the Meri Bassai Serial. He has travel many countries to perform his comedy skills and dance. You may have seen him in many Program held in the UK, US, Korea, Dubai and many more.

Bluetooth Technology

History of Bluetooth

“The idea behind Bluetooth technology was born in 1994, when a team of researchers at Ericsson Mobile Communications…initiated a feasibility study of universal short-range, low-power wireless connectivity as a way of eliminating cables between mobile phones and computers, headsets and other devices”. The companies wanted to standardize the industry around a short-range radio link.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gurkha tells of grief for wife murdered

Glenn Nelson, 30 years old strangled mother of three Krishnamaya Mabo after trapping her and dragging her into a field just a few hundred yards from the barracks, where she lived with her husband, a serving Gurkhas soldier.The Reading Crown Court heard how Nelson who lived in a caravan had tired accosting 2 women earlier that evening before pouncing on Mrs.Mabo.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Chimp with Ak-47 shoots at soldiers

This short video clip shows a chimpanzee coming into army camp of African soldiers, who are holding rifles. Watch this video what happen when a gun toting soldier hands over the AK-47 to the chimpanzee. In a matter of second several rounds have been fired off and everyone has scarpered except for the cameraman who now cowering behind a log.

Jhyaure Magar Dance

The Magars people are an indigenous ethnic group of Nepal. Their homeland covers from western & southern boundaries of the Dhaulagiri part of the Himalayas range south to the Mahabharat foothills east ward into the Gandaki basin. Large numbers of magar people live in Syangja, Tanahun, Palpa, Gulmi, Pyuthan. Their religion is either Hindu or Buddhist. Magar People are rich in culture and tradition.

Khadga Jatra festival of Nepal

This video is uploaded by Deepak Tamang, who has visited Dholakha for the first time during Dashain vacation. He has gone Dolakha to observe “Khadga Jatra” but this jatra turned to fight between two groups’ caste people, Shrestha and Kasai. Khadga Jatra is observed uring Dashain Tika in the inner part of Kathmandu, where people comes out from Dyo Chhea (goddess house) with the goddess sword (Khadga) and travels their particular route.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Two Chinese tourists found dead in Nagarkot hotel

On Friday morning the Hotel View Point situated at Kavre district Naldum-8 bordering Nagarkot two Chinese tourist Chen Dan, 55 and Sai Hongyuan 62 were found as dead. According to THT Online, the two guests died in the hotel room and further details are still unknown.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Surung Dekhi Sharsma (Nepali Documentary)

Young, intelligent and carrying own set of beliefs and ideals Suyog has his own story. How he views the society and how people see him are very different. He has a great hope that this gap of perception will change and get fulfilled. But the chains of society have bounded him so well that whenever he tries to get up he’ll be grounded. And so does his hope.

Parika Ale Magar Dance

The Parika Ale Magar was selected as the first runner-up in Miss UK Nepal (2012). She is currently 21 year old with the height 5 ft 2.5 inch. She is studying commencing 3rd year of MEng. Chemical Engineering. Her hobbies and interest are: she loves dancing as she said dancing is her passion and it’s a form of self-pression. Sometime she loves to sing a song in a spare time.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Nabil Bank cash looted in kailali

Kailali, 10 Dec: The 2 unknown people have looted Rs. 20.2 million belonging to Nabil Bank, kanchanpur branch on Tuesday afternoon. According the police report, the cash was being taken to the Dhangadhi branch of the Nepal Rastriya Bank (NRB) on a vehicle before it was looted in the jungle part near the Attariyachwok in Krishnapur VDC.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sinkholes giving sinking feeling to Armala locals

Pokhara, 10 Dec: Several families of Armala and ThulibesiPhant in kaski are living in continual fear. The sinkholes that on-going to appear in the area few weeks ago have spread terror among the locals. The phenomenon which was first occurred on 12 Nov has occurred at over five dozen places destroying about 1500 ropanis of arable land so far.

Nepathya Concert at Wembley Arena

The folk-rock band “Nepathya” became the first Nepalese band to perform at Wembley Arena in the history of Nepali Music on Saturday 03 august 2013. The concert was organized by Parcha Production and Subsonic Routes and succeeded to bring around seven thousand people from all over. It was record breaking performance by Nepathya Band. According to the Parcha Production, many people are travelling from different countries; US, Belgium, Holland and Norway to enjoy the concert.

Tips for Donating a Car in California

How to donate your car to charity?
It sounds so simple to donate your used vehicles like car, bike and truck. Just call the charity organization or someone else will come and pick up your used vehicle or tell you where to bring that car. Though, there are so many charities to select from and so many people trying to cheat the innocent donor, picking the good and right organization is not always easy task. Before you donate your valuable vehicles keys to a charity, Please read the following tips:

Edward Snowden, Former US National Security Agents says, You‘ve been watched and recorded in internet

Who is Edward Snowden?

Mr.Snowden was system administrator in NSA (National Security Agency) and senior technical adviser to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).He was grown up in North Carolina and later moved to Maryland and resided near to the NSA.He was enlisted in US army in 2003 and was trained for special forces but he left after breaking his knees in training.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Nepali student commits suicide in Japan

Kathmandu, 09 Dec: A Nepalese student has committed suicide in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday after writing the status in Facebook. Sooraj Basnet, 22 was the permanent resident of Satipeepal, Gorkha Nepal. Basnet committed suicide by jumping into a railway line from Sinagawa station in Tokyo on Sunday evening, informed chairman of FNJ Japan, Tilak Malla.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Vodafone Germany Hacked, 2 Million User Accounts Affected

A true hero of modern generation, first black president of South Africa and anti-racism icon and an inspiring person Nelson Mandela is no more with us. Nelson Mandela, 95 died in Johannesburg. His efforts in leading South Africa and tearing the racism issue and white rule in 1990s what made South African’s free. He spends 3 months in hospital for his lung infection and after that he was receiving the medical care at his home.

Xavier teacher arrested over student's death

Kathmandu, 7 Dec: The Police today exhaustive discipline in charge of Lazimpat-based Xavier Academy of Prakash Shrestha for inquisitive, 3 days after a student committed sucide. Suskin Gaire, a 12th grader at the school had committed suicide on Wednesday night. According to his classmates, Gaire killed himself after Shrestha threatened him to expel him from the college and call his fathers after he was caught smoking.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

South Africa's Nelson Mandela dies in Johannesburg

A true hero of modern generation, first black president of South Africa and anti-racism icon and an inspiring person Nelson Mandela is no more with us. Nelson Mandela, 95 died in Johannesburg. His efforts in leading South Africa and tearing the racism issue and white rule in 1990s what made South African’s free.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Mystery of Europe's jeweled skeletons

Paul Koudounaris is a history professor from Californa, US. He has spent last 3 years visiting different ancient ossuaries and churches around the Europe & snapping their macabre treasures. These are the Catocomb Saints, a sequence of jewel encrusted skeletons said to be remains of Christian saints. Ornamented with 100 of precious stones and various pound of gold and silver,

Nepali funny game, taalu ma aalu

Have you ever heard about this game “Taalu ma Aalu,Nepalese Funny Game ”. I have found this video in the Youtube Channel of “J Home Movies and Music Channel”. It was funniest video, I have ever seen in Youtube Channel. I hope you guys love to watch this video again and again.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Two million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack

A report released this week states that around two million Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo account’s usernames and passwords have been stolen by hackers. Cyber-Security firm researchers Trust wave said that it was the result of key-logger software which is installed on computers around the world without the knowledge of general users.

Send free mobile SMS to your friends and family

Technology is the fastest growing industry in the world; it has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the near future, everything will be operating by technology. In our daily activities technology is around us, laptop, smart phones and televisions. Technology changes ever days, even if it is nanotechnology, mobile technology, digital technology and communications.

18 feet long Oarfish

This is the eighteen foot long Oarfish which found dead in the water off Catalina Island near Los Angles. The image released by the Catalina Island Marine Institute, taken on Sunday 13 oct. that shows the crew of sailing school vessel Tole Mour.Catalina Island Marine Institute instructors holding this giant fish found in the sea off toyon Bay o Santa Catalina Island. The Oarfish dive is 300 feet deep.

Prabal Gurung Becomes U.S. Citizen

Whenever the word fashion comes Prabal Gurung is one of the names that click in mind. On Tuesday morning the popular fashion designer Prabal Gurung has officially became American citizen. He took his citizenship test of States on 6th September which was exactly 24 hour earlier than his new spring runway show 2014. He accept naturalization certificate at Jacob K. Javits Federal Building.