Monday, 18 November 2013


Why you should drink lemon water in the morning?

Lemon has many benefits regarding health. Having lemon juice in the morning is one of them. It consists of magnesium, citric acid, vitamin C, calcium which enhances the immune system. It is rich in antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting power. The fresh lemon juice has many advantages in health.

Advantages It helps in digestion as it takes out the toxins from body. The level of mineral and vitamin present in lemon helps to enhance the digestive system by draining the toxins present in it. Doctors give strong recommendation to the cancer patients for the improvement of bowel movement.

It cleans our system. Drinking lemon water in morning help in increasing the rate of urination. It also takes out all the toxins and unwanted materials that can block urine. Similarly the citric acid of lemon also enhances the function of enzyme. It also helps to boost our immune system. 

Potassium and vitamin C in lemon helps in the stimulation of nerve and brain function and also helps in controlling the blood pressure. For asthma patients Vitamin C is a support. Also it can prevent acidity and uric acid. The antimicrobial property of lemon helps us to be away from flu. 

Lemon has Vitamin C and antioxidants which blemishes our skin and also decreases wrinkle. It gives us clean and fair skin. Lemon is also the solution for acne as the alkaline nature of lemon kills the bacteria. It also helps in healing quickly and gives fresh breath. 

The essential nutrients in lemon make the bones strong. Lemon also helps in weight loss. The pectin fiber in lemon controls the hunger. The hot lemon water is a useful diet while losing the weight.