Tuesday, 19 November 2013


What Is Cancer ? What Causes Cancer?

Many people are suffering and many are dying because of cancer. But what really is cancer? Well here’s the answer to your question: Cancer is a disease which is characterized by the growth of cell which is out of control. More than 100 different kinds of cancer have been identified so far, each identified with its initial effect on cell type. 

The disease affects the whole body when the initial affected cell divide and multiplies with no control and form lumps/masses of tissue known as tumour. However case is little different in leukaemia where cancer forbids the normal function of blood through abnormal division of cell in blood stream. 

Tumours further grow and disturb the function of the systems (nervous, circulatory and digestive) and also alter the function of body by releasing hormones. Dangerous tumours are formed when: Invasion: process in which the defected cell moves by using lymph system or blood though out the body.

Angiogenesis: Process, in which the cell itself divides, grows and makes new blood vessel in order to feed itself. When the tumour invades and destroys other healthy cells by growing and spreading to body, the process is called metastasis. 

The result of metastasis is very serious and difficult to treat. How cancer spreads In the October 2012 issue, Natural communication scientist said that they have found a clue which describes why cancer cells spread. The spreading mechanism is related with their stickiness/adhesion properties. 

The reaction of molecular between the cell and their extra cellular matrix makes them un-stuck at the real site of tumour and thus they detach and move on and again reattach at a new place. In 2007, 7.6 million people around the world were suffering from cancer. The cancer physicians and researchers are known as oncologists. 

In April 2013 issue, the scientists of Physical Sciences-Oncology Centers, USA said that cancerous cells are much active than non-cancerous ones. The cancerous cells can move through small gaps easily and also with less effort as compared to other ones. Causes of Cancer The main reason for the cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells which do not die. 

The normal cells follow the order of the growth, division and death. Apoptosis is the death of programmed cell and cancer begins when the apoptosis breaks down. Unlike normal cells, cancer cell does not undergo orderly death rather it grows and divides. This give rise to the abundant amount of abnormal cells which spreads out of control.