Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Two killed in car accident at Tilganga,Kathmandu

On Wednesday, a car accident killed two people and three injured in Kathmandu near Tilganga, Gaushala. According to the police the car was Hyundai i10 and the number was Ba 8 Cha 3040. The car was slipped around 2am from the Tilganga Bridge and fell in Bagmati river. The dead body is identified. The dead body is Bimal and Pushpa Giri.
The other injured were Narayan Mainali, Bipana Chhetri and Lila Dhakal. 

The injured people’s treatment is taking place at Kathmandu Medical Hospital. Police expected that the accident took place due to high speed of the vehicle but still the investigation is going on to find the real cause of the accident.