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Top free VPN services(Software)

What is a VPN?

VPN is defined as virtual private network with “virtual” connection encrypted and routed over the internet to remote computer servers. The packet passing between the client and the server are encrypted and internet protocol (IP) address that will show during downloading or browsing content from the net will be the server not the client.

Thus, a VPN provides a capability of anonymity on the internet that will help to protect data and client identity from criminals or prying eye of the government (especially if you are staying in the countries like china or Arab.)

Why You Need a VPN?

People use VPN software to protect data and information while using internet. Some of point are given below, why you need a VPN?

• To secure your privacy, either on a hotspot or in a local network.

• To surf anonymously on the internet.

• To hide your real Internet Protocol (IP)

• Skipping your ISP block the uses of VOIP software.

• Protection against spy strategies and limiting of your ISP.

• Speed navigation in relation to proxies.

• Protect connection for the application.

• Additional unholy activities.

Top Free VPN Software

Hide IP


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