Tuesday, 12 November 2013


The three month old fire baby stable

Have you heard about SHC?

SHC is Spontaneous Human Combustion - rare medical disorder i.e. a certain death due to fire originated from human (victim) body without the interference of external source. A source has reported that an Indian child Rahul just 3 months old has been the victim of SHC. He is frequently caught by the fire. The fire first caught the baby when he was just nine days.

Rajeshwari (baby boy’s mother) quickly took her child to hospital. She was more shocked when Rahul was caught by fire without any external combustion source nearby. Rahul has been the victim of SHC for four times since the day he got birth. His burn injury is handled by the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital (KMC) which lies in the southern part of Chennai, India. On the day of 8th August the baby boy got admit to hospital because of the most recent burn injuries.

According to the doctors the flammable gases released from his skin pores could be the reason of his frequent fire. SHC is still under explanation but we cannot deny the fact that 200 similar cases are seen and heard from the past 3 centuries. Dr. Jayaram (burn unit- former head) of KMC said that right now there is no absolute cure; the only solution is a constant treatment of the burns.

He added back in 20 years a similar undocumented case was there of a man who was 23 years old. Many such cases remain undocumented as they are similar and generally not backed for scientific evidence. Right now doctors advised that it is better for Rahul to stay away from combustible substances and further added to make him stay in control temperature.