Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Student Learning Magar Language in School

There has been significant increment in the enrolment of students after opening of new primary school based on the Magar language .This is the first school ever in Magar medium in Chidipani,Dahireni where student has been doubled in short period of its opening. After school started teaching from grade 1 to 3 in Magar language it reached from 60 students to 150. There is also grade 4 and 5 where student can study optional subjects in Magar language’ says principal Gopi Krishna Accharya.

Among the three languages in Magar community the lesson is taught in Paang language, said school officials. They adds , ‘the idea came with delivering the syllabus in national language and the suggestion of Magar community that made possible to stand the first schools based on Magar language in the district .

This school staff has well background of Magar community says principles it was the recommendation of the community to start the programme in Magar language. Every kids speaks in Magar language at their home, there used to be hard to understand when we taught them in Nepali language’says Mana Thapa, Magar language teacher, ‘It’s easy now to educate them and there is no problem with understanding”. Almost all students are here are from Magar community.

The books required for grade 1 and 2 is written by school teacher Mana Thapa herself and she has also completed the book for grade 3 .Books for grade 4 and 5 are also in line of complete prepare. Likewise Tila Gaha has prepared the book for science subject by translating it in Magar language. It’s easy to study now and we can also understand what they are teaching, says grade 3 student Rekhi Ram Gaha , ‘ It’s getting interesting to study as well.’

Beside English and Nepali subjects all other subjects are taught in Magar language. At the beginning it was strange feelings but now it’s getting good and students are active now.

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