Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Sinking land creates havoc at VDC in Kaski,Pokhara

The unexpected catastrophe has hit the locals of Kaski of Amala VDC. The land is sinking at Thluibeshi plains. As per the report said by locals 17 families have already moved as their house has started to sink. The big holes are found in many houses at Khahare in Armala VDC 1 in which some has got 15 feet deep holes because of the land sinking. Some local’s reported that their kitchens had already sunk beneath the ground level which has made them difficult to stay in their house.

Nirmal Bhattarai said that his land has gotten cracks and holes. The household belongings like kitchen utensils, chairs, cylinders have already fallen. Many locals have stopped harvesting. In the affected area the locals have stopped the vehicles as an initial precaution. Another local Bhim Bahadur Karki also said that the bed of Kali river is also sinking and now the change of the water level is visible.

The soft soil below the river has washed away and now the water is muddy and thick at surface. Nearby school, colleges and health centers are providing shelter to the victims. Ishwar Raj Poudel, Local Development Officer is monitoring the affected sites and he has found many holes in the area and said that team of technicians are needed in order to identify the actual cause behind this.(Update News: More then 36 Lands Sinking in Pokhara)