Monday, 18 November 2013


Security provided to the election candidates

The election commission declaring campaign has been silenced before the 19th November- the Election Day. The candidates are now provided with full security. There has been tight security to protect the candidate’s house in order to prevent the crime which can be done by opposing forces or criminals.

The police source replied that the entire candidate’s stopped their poll campaigns. So the criminal might take it as a chance to attack candidate or any of their relatives to fulfil their demands. The cops wearing normal clothes are watching the candidate’s residence and gathering the information of the suspicious. 

More than 5,000 cops are providing security to the valley in case of any arson or bombing. Police are taking care of leader’s activities and also the activities of opposing parties. 

Although no such evidence or witnesses have found for the vandalism, bombing and arson in the country but police has somehow reasons to blame CPN Maoist lead poll opposing 33 parties which has caused the transportation strike though out this election campaign. 

Police also reported that not any candidate has got threats from any criminal in the valley till now. 

Various security strategies are taken by law enforcement agency to make sure that the election is fair, fearless and free for the candidates and voters.