Thursday, 21 November 2013


Nepal: Battle of the female rappers

Everyone is shouting and demanding for Raw Barz. Raw Barz is a freestyle hip hop movement and now it’s bringing the female contestant in the rap battle. Yama Buddha, Nepalese rap icon is spreading the event allowing new rappers to make their own career in the music industry of Nepal.

Now it seems like females will also rise like Laure and Sacar. The battle has given chance to many rappers but among the female rappers some popular names are Pari, Tsamyun and Rhythms Up who makes and crack jokes in Nepali as well as English language in the mass of male-dominated crowd.

 Finally the women are also in the lead to steal the thunder. The official blog of the event has the outline of “heated female rap battle” which is the battle between Rhythms Up and Tsamyun. Rhythms Up humiliates and discourages her opponent with nerdy criticism and jokes while Tsamyun insult the looks of her opponent.