Saturday, 9 November 2013


Microsoft offering a marketing strategy

Microsoft has offered a new US marketing strategy for the customers to get Microsoft Surface tablets in exchange of their “used” iPads”.
Microsoft has offered $200 token to go to products like Surface Pro and Surface RT. Apple is ahead than Microsoft if talked about the global tablet and market share. According to the US analyst, for Microsoft products people will give away their iPads.

Van Baker, analyst of Gartner mobile device answered no to the question “will people take this offer of Microsoft?” The problem of the Microsoft is the ecosystem of the app so the offer might not work that well. Mr Baker further added there are more number of mobile apps for iPads than windows gadgets. Microsoft is bang on in campaign of US marketing to allure people for windows tablet instead of iPad. Selling Surface devices has been a little problem to the Microsoft. The first quarter of the year, Microsoft sold 900,000 tablets whereas Apple was in the line of 19.5 million. Similarly in the second quarter only 300,000 devices were sold. Though Microsoft has declared their revenue of $853 million after the sale of Surface but the company has loss of $900 million as it failed to change RT device.