Monday, 25 November 2013


Leonardo DiCaprio donates $ 3m to save tigers in Nepal

We all know that the Hollywood Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio is in the urge to save the tigers. Now we all should be thankful and grateful to him that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is going to help us in saving the tigers in Nepal. It was reported that the foundation donated $3 million to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to save and double the tiger’s number in Nepal within nine years of time span. The 39 year old actor DiCaprio is raising the fund for global cause. 

The DiCapri’s foundation raised $38.8 million in a single night in the event ‘Christie’s 11th Hour Charity Auction’ in May conceived by the actor. DiCaprio started to work in 2010 with WWF on ‘Save Tigers Now’ which is a global initiative to raise awareness and to save and support the tigers. 

When asked about the $3 million ransom DiCaprio replied- we don’t have much time as there are only 3,200 tigers remaining in the world because of the destruction of their habitat and increasing illegal poaching…. WWF, Nepal’s government and locals are also in this battle and hope that this ransom will help them to reach their goal of doubling the tiger’s number. Presidnt and CEO of WWF, Carter Roberts said that the DiCaprio Foundation has always supported in awareness of the local communities and taking effort to conserve the environment. The evidence in Nepal i.e. the number speaks itself and WWF is grateful for their partnership. In Bardia National Park the help got from DiCaprio Foundation has increased the population of tiger from 18 to 50.

The foundation has always been around since 1998 to support the humanitarian and environmental issues whether that is generous effort in saving tigers, sharks and rain forest or protecting Antarctica Ocean.