Thursday, 28 November 2013


iFlash Drive between iOS to Mac / PC: only $88+

Many people are big fan of Apple products. Now with more suprises Apple has brough iFlashDrive HD which has come as the solution on iOS device for memory expansion. It is the first Apple licensed flash drive that provides storage between Mac/PC and iOS (2-way) without battery power and Wi-Fi network signal. The flash drive is ultra-slim, compatible with all apple products.

It supports seamless transfer of data, viewing and sharing images, video, documents and audio files among gadgets. The flash drive has free app which enhances the ability for organizing, editing, uploading and managing files across multiple platforms- PC, iPhone, iPad and more.

Travelling for a business trip by air, stuck in some unknown location without reception or sharing of photos and videos of a vacation- iFlashDrive just perfectly fits into any lifestyle you wish.

Price :8GB: $87.99
16GB: $114.99
32GB: $189.00
64GB: $255.99