Monday, 11 November 2013


How you donate car in london

A new concept of car donation has aroused in United Kingdom. When people think of disposing or changing of cars they decide to try and free equity (remaining) in their car.

The normal process can be exchanging their old vehicle’s part to the dealer. Advertising is one of the effective ways to aware the people about the products so many people do use advertising as their weapon to sell their cars: magazines or internet or car auction (all processes just to aware people about the car). 

However if the car owns a little value then the only choice for the owner is to trade as scrap. Most people term this is “Selling it for scrap”. The status of the car as scrap means, the owner gets a very little amount or sometimes it does happen that the owner himself has to pay for the car to be handed as scrap. According to the scrappage scheme of the government (recent one) the scrap owner are given an option at least once for better production profile to give their vehicle for scrap but in part exchange: for a new car.

Along with this, an option is also available which many are unaware of i.e. donating a car as a charity. Some people might find this weird. If comparison is done about the car donation (let us take US as example) UK are somewhat behind than them however this is not going to stay forever: situation might differ as positive response is seen from the people.

We all know recycling and scrapping car has causes somewhat seriousness we should look for: for the environment we survive. Car donating ensures that the impact caused by recycling and scrapping can be minimised. Following can be some of the ways:

• Car donation has a positive effect on the environment. The same old cars can be used for auction or repaired and can also be made fit for ride. If compared then environment is little safer with this rather than manufacture of new car. However this news might be a threat for the car manufacturers. • According the governments End-of-Life vehicle regulations 2003 vehicle that is no longer use must be disposed to highest standards in order to minimise the environment impact. Donating a car simply does not mean donation it also means that all the guidelines of regulation is properly followed and will be disposed and fragmented (depolluted). Rogue scrap merchants currently take care of the vehicle that has good scrap metal. They take care of the metal part and dispose the rest. Rest refers to 22 litres (average) of harmful chemicals per car which includes petrol, brake fluid, coolant and so on.