Sunday, 10 November 2013


Giant Apple company release two version of iphone

Death of an icon Steve P. Jobs was shocking and a great loss to the technical industry.
It was a devastating moment not only to technical people but each and every person around the world including their competitors. With his death investors were little anxious about the Apple’s reputation. They thought Apple and its “sexy” innovation have lost their way. But good news to the reader that- Apple is “BANG ON” in the market with its new iPhones.

People’s much loved Apple is releasing its 2 version of iPhone this month. The versions of iPhone are iPhone 5C (a little cheaper model, C stands for colour) and iPhone5S. iPhone5C has the similar features as that of iPhone5 and has a plastic case. iPhone5S has aluminium, a fast processor and along with other features: for security propose it has fingerprint sensor. The costs for these products are $100 for iPhone 5C and $200 for iPhone5S along with contract. Without contract the total cost are %550 for iPhone5C and $650 for iPhone5S.

From 20th September onwards these versions of iPhone will be available in the different countries like Japan, US, China and many more. Apple has also stated their partnership with the Japanese company NTT Docomo. This is going to be the first time that Apple will release its phone worldwide at the same time.

The main parts of iPhone5C consist of high quality polycarbonate material. The steel is underneath the plastic for back up. The phone is also compatible with international cellular network as networking parts has been added in it.

Philip W. Schiller, Senior vice-president of Apple told that the first time people will hold iPhone5C it will blow away them because of quality, rich and the inflexibility they are going to feel in their hands. A little expensive and stylish iPhone5S is going to be the 1st Apple device that will feature a faster processor known as A7 that has a chip known as M7. The process detects the movement and allows iPhone to enhance fitness and health applications. The colours provided are: gold, dark gray and silver.

iPhone5S consists of fingerprint scanner new feature found on a button lower the screen. The key button is navy crystal (outside), with a revealing ring of steel and has underneath fingerprint sensor. The lock screen can be avoided simply by touching the button. The user can also buy apps using fingerprint scanner. The phone has better battery lifespan of – talk time 10hrs and standby 250 hours. iPhone5S also has improved camera.

iPhone5C has a little expensive price then predicted but Apple assure that the new technology of fingerprint will dazzle people. Number 1 carrier of Japan NTT Docomo will be taking care of the increased sales and are excited about their new partnership and the fingerprint technology.