Saturday, 9 November 2013


German Trucker jailed for fatal M25 Smash

15 hours tired lorry drive Anton Maizen caused a deadly crash. His lorry was ploughed with 40 ton load in a traffic queue on M25, killed 79 year old man and injured other two.
The crash happened on Tuesday, 2nd of April near Aveley, Essex. Maizen was working nearly 23 hours and was driving 15 hours without any break.

Anton Maizen is a German man and his journey of 840 mile begun the previous day from his country and entering UK via Folkestone. His driving was then followed by London to Lincolnshire. The crash happened when he was returning to Channel Tunnel. Maizen’s with the speed of 56mph hit the stationary traffic.

When the police interviewed him about the incident he was unable to explain. His crash hit a BMW which had a mother and her young son pushed it into another lane followed by the path of another lorry. Ronald Moughton 79 year old driver of Renault Clio died on the spot. His 59 year old son and Carol Bulton 47 year old Basildon women are injured and are in recovering process. Both father and son belong to Ilford. Behind his seat tachograph charts were hidden and inside his sock a data chart was found revealing his timing and route. Maizen admitted his dangerous driving has led to such disaster. At Basildon court declared that he will be jailed for four and half year. In the same way his driving has been banned for five years