Saturday, 16 November 2013


Former US president Jimmy Carter visit to Nepal to observe votes in election

The election campaign will be conducted in Nepal on 19th November. The political parties are busy with their owns ways of asking votes, Nepalese are busy collecting their voters ID card, there has been excessive increment in the food price, transportation issues and so on.
Meanwhile on Saturday, Jimmy Carter Former US President has arrived Kathmandu in order to observe the election procedure. A team of 50 election leaded by 89 Carter will observe from Atlanta based Carter Centre will monitor the vote on Tuesday. 

Politicial analyst of Carter Center, Ghanashyam Ojha said that before Carter starts his observation in election he will meet the leaders of various parties. Nepal’s 2008 landmark constitutent assembly polls was monitored by Carter’s NGO which brought the secular republic in the country ending the royal regime.