Monday, 11 November 2013


Falling European satellite burns up upon re-entry

Uknepal News, 11 Nov: A two thousand pound European Satellite burned up as it re-entered on earth’s atmosphere early Monday controllers reported.
Re-entry was made of close to 1:00 A:M on Monday, the European Space Agency said, as predictable the satellite disintegrated in the high atmosphere and there is no damage to property has been reported. The gravity field and steady state ocean circulation explorer,

The European space agency satellite known as shorthand as GOCE, crossed over Siberia, the eastern Indian Ocean, the western Pacific Ocean and Antarctica upon its re-entry. The five meter and sixteen foot satellite was launched in 2009 to map variation in the earth’s gravity in 3D, provides ocean circulation patterns and make other measurements. Powered by the solar lifespan before working out of juice on 21 oct. In march 2011, the ESA was added role- as the “life seismometer in orbit”, when GOCE detected sound waves from the massive earthquake that was struck in Japan.