Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Watch Live of Election Day in Nepal

After the 10 year Maoist insurgency ended in 2006, the election has started again for the second time. Who the winner will be is not sure this time.As the voting system started, there occurred a blast in the capital city; Kathmandu where 3 people got injured including a child as per the officials.

The assembly which was held in 2008 was supposed to make a constitution after the overthrow of the monarchy.But the result that came out was the bitter division of parties who never completed the task given to them.

The formation of the interim government earlier this year by the major parties has overseen the elections. It is led by the Supreme Court’s chief judge Khilraj Regmi.

On the occasion of the vote he predestined irregular violence in different parts of the country and said that the security forces will make sure for fair and free election this time.

A group of opponent parties led by a cut loose Maoist group, has called for general disturbance of the vote. It wanted a new administration - with notice from all the political parties - to conduct elections at a later date.