Tuesday, 19 November 2013


8-year old boy Samir Khadgi grabbed the bomb

Kathmandu: A bomb blast on Tuesday in Nepal’s capital just hours after the polls started for national election, hurting 3 people and raising fear that left wing extremist will disrupt the vote.A bomb blast at 10:00 A: M today in Bhotebahal, neighborhood in Kathmandu.

The three people including 3 children have been injured police spokesman Mr. Ganesh KC said.The incident which comes after a series of similar attacks by anti-poll protesters in recent days, it happen when an 8-years old boy picked up the bomb deceptively thinking it was a children toys, said police official.

According to the Kathmandu based police official, eight year old boy named Samir Khadgi grabbed the bomb assuming it to be a tory on a road in Bhotebahal. He has injuries on his hand and face. Two others suffered minor injuries.

The protesters told that elections cannot be held under an interim administration set up after the collapse of Nepal's first constituent assembly and want elections to be postponed until a cross-party government is put in place.