Monday, 11 November 2013


A Chinese women lost her life by using Iphone

23 year old- Chinese women Ma Ailun was killed by iPhone. When the women answered her phone (iPhone) she got electric shock. Her phone was charging and plugged in wall.

Ma Ailun brother’s said that the phone set was not fake and was brought from official store of iPhone. He also added that the set is taken to examine by Chinese authority. China has many fraud charger and phone that are on sale which can be unsafe.
Her sister warned everyone not to make call while charging mobile devices. The charging phone took death of Ma Ailun.

This news spread worldwide like a wildfire. The news is however going to affect the reputation of Apple in China and even to the world because of bad publicity.

People came up with many reasons of Ailun’s death. Some of the reasons are poor wire at home, fake charger; high temperature that damaged the wire, though the death from charging phone’s electrocution is exceptional.

Apple in their defence showed their condolences to Ma Ailun and they are under investigation of this incident.