Wednesday, 27 November 2013


42 bodies found in mass graves in Mexico

This Monday the Attorney General’s Office said that 42 buried bodies were found by Mexican authorities in mass graves this month in western Mexico. The deferral authorities at crime scene responded that many bodies had got torture signs and bullet wounds. However the bodies are yet to identify.

The 22 graves in Jalisco state and La Barca town were found while investigating the disappearance of 2 federal agents. The buried grave might provide clue of the Mexican youth who are termed as missing. The investigation started when the two of the police officer suddenly disappeared was the response of the Jesus Murillo Karam, Mexican Attorney General.

They also investigated on the municipal police as the disappearances of police officer have some relation on them. They arrested them and carried out the investigation and found the place where the agents might be buried. The attorney general said that the buried bodies were not the federal officers. The investigation is going on.