Friday, 15 November 2013


39 percent of growth in vegetables

The ten day long protest by thirty three agitating parties from Monday has given rise to the price of vegetables. In Kathmandu Valley the vegetable price has risen to1.2% - 39 %. Director Arjun Prasad Aryal of “Kalimati Vegetable and Fruits Market Development Board” said that due to the transportation issues there is low supply of vegetables and even the truck willing to bring the supply are charging high price.

After the protest since Monday, Kalimati Vegetable and Fruits Market which is considered to be the largest vegetable market of valley have received only 348 tons of vegetables and fruits. The market used to receive 516 tons of vegetables in just previous day before banda. However the supply is low as compared to the supply of normal days i.e. 650-750 tons.
The price has gone very high: Cabbage (previously cost NRs. 35.50) now cost NRs. 49.30 which as compared to average day has increased by 39 %. The cauliflower price has flown to NRs. 67.50 which has increased by 22.7%. Similarly the price of garlic and onion cost Nrs 105/kg. Tomatoes cost NRs. 60.30/kg with the rise of 9.5%.

However there has been significant change in the price of carrot which now cost NRs. 91.70/kg with the decrease of 16.7%, the rate of cucumber decreased by 15.1% which will now cost NRs. 32/kg.