Monday, 11 November 2013


33 Party alliance strike cripples life across country

Kathmandu, 11 Nov: Normal life across the country including Pokhara, Kathmandu valley has come silent on Monday Morning, due to the general strike enforced by the 33 party alliance led by CPN-Maoist.
All the educational institutions, industries, market places and transportation services have been remained closed across the country.

Despite of government assurance of providing compensation few numbers of vehicles are running on the empty roads. The vehicles belong to military forces, human rights organization, Press and diplomatic missions and including ambulance and tourist vehicles are running without any obstacle.

Likewise the strike organizers have torched vehicles across the country. According to Myrepublica correspondent of dolakha district said, cadres of CPN-Maoist incinerated 2 vehicles which were being parked at Pakhalati of Bhimeshwor. 

The CPN-Maoist squads set 2 buses (BA 2 KHA 3534) and (BA 2 KHA 1806) of Araniko Yatayata on fire as the helper drivers and assistants were sleeping inside. Likewise, they managed to come out of the bus unhurt. The fire has caused heavy damage in the buses.