Friday, 29 November 2013

Crime watch, online sex scam

Here is new Episode of crime watch program; it’s about “online sex scam”. As you know criminals today are coming up with new trick and more ways to fraud innocent people around the world. In this episode, an innocent internet chat session turns into a frightening case of blackmail. Watch out how the police from the Ang Mo Kio Police Division jumped into action and arrested the criminals. Hope you learn how you could avoid falling for such scam.

Nepal vs. Afghanistan-ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier 2013

Nepal is playing against Afghanistan in ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier 2013 at Dubai. The sixty eight match first of semi-final Nepal VS. Afghanistan live stream will be broadcast by ESPN Star Cricket and willow TV on their official Youtube Channel. You can watch Live Nepal VS. Afghanistan Semi-final matches at 14:00 local time of Dubai. We wish all the best for our Nepali Cricket Team. Good Luck from UKNEPAL.NET.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nepali Rap Battle, Father VS Son (Rapoholic)

Rapoholic is a Nepalese Rapper, currently living in the United Kingdom trying to represent Nepali Hiphop Nephop whole over the world. Rapoholic is famous for Nepali Rapper, Song writer, Nepali Emcee or Musician. Here is the new video of Rap Battle, Father VS. Son made by Rapoholic. They tried to show how our typical Nepalese parents complain or act about today generation rap thing.

iFlash Drive between iOS to Mac / PC: only $88+

Many people are big fan of Apple products. Now with more suprises Apple has brough iFlashDrive HD which has come as the solution on iOS device for memory expansion. It is the first Apple licensed flash drive that provides storage between Mac/PC and iOS (2-way) without battery power and Wi-Fi network signal. The flash drive is ultra-slim, compatible with all apple products.

Nepal plane crashes at Jomsom Airport caused by pilot error

Kathmandu, 28 Nov: The commission made to examine the 16 May 2013 crashed of Nepal Airlines Corporation aircraft in Jomson has known “Human Error” as the factor behind the accident.Around 22 passengers on board including 8 Japanese national were injured in the plane crashed. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

42 bodies found in mass graves in Mexico

This Monday the Attorney General’s Office said that 42 buried bodies were found by Mexican authorities in mass graves this month in western Mexico. The deferral authorities at crime scene responded that many bodies had got torture signs and bullet wounds. However the bodies are yet to identify.

Nepal through to ICC World T20

Nepal 144 for 5, Khadka 46, Malla 30, beat Honk Kong 143 for 8 (Mukhiya 3-32, Karn 2-28 by five wickets. Nepal has joined Ireland and Afghanistan becoming the third team to qualify for the World Twenty20 2014 in Bangladesh with a last ball wins against Honk Kong in Abu Dhabi. It’s the first time Nepal will be heading to a world event.

Meri Bassai 26 Nov. 2013

Meri Bassai is a very popular Nepali Comedy TV serial directed and script written by Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) and Kedar Ghimire (Magne Budo). The serial has main stories based on village life, that’s why it is popular among Nepalese. The main characters of the Meri Bassai are: Magne Budo, Takme Budo, Dari budo, Dhurmus, Suntali, Mula Sag, Chamsuri, Khadka Ji, Fatauri Budi, Nati Padke, Kaji, Raju Mastar, Batarey Kancha, Bhuniya, Farsi pasa, Muskan Pasa, Balchhi Dhrube, Bandre and so on. This is the video of Meri Bassai 26 Nov. 2013. Hope you will enjoy this episode.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sinking land creates havoc at VDC in Kaski,Pokhara

The unexpected catastrophe has hit the locals of Kaski of Amala VDC. The land is sinking at Thluibeshi plains. As per the report said by locals 17 families have already moved as their house has started to sink. The big holes are found in many houses at Khahare in Armala VDC 1 in which some has got 15 feet deep holes because of the land sinking. Some local’s reported that their kitchens had already sunk beneath the ground level which has made them difficult to stay in their house.

Student Learning Magar Language in School

There has been significant increment in the enrolment of students after opening of new primary school based on the Magar language .This is the first school ever in Magar medium in Chidipani,Dahireni where student has been doubled in short period of its opening. After school started teaching from grade 1 to 3 in Magar language it reached from 60 students to 150. There is also grade 4 and 5 where student can study optional subjects in Magar language’ says principal Gopi Krishna Accharya.

What is Bank? Explain its functions.

The term bank is derived from Italian word 'Banco' which means a bench. Previously Italian gold smith used to perform the monetary task sitting on the bench not in the market. Therefore, the term banco was used to denote monetary transactions. Generally bank is a kind of financial institution which collects deposits from customer and lends loan to the needy person and organisation. In conclude we can say that bank which is established to accept deposit and grant loan to the industrial, individuals and traders with a view to earn profit is named as bank.Its functions of a bank are given below:

Monday, 25 November 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio donates $ 3m to save tigers in Nepal

We all know that the Hollywood Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio is in the urge to save the tigers. Now we all should be thankful and grateful to him that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is going to help us in saving the tigers in Nepal. It was reported that the foundation donated $3 million to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to save and double the tiger’s number in Nepal within nine years of time span. The 39 year old actor DiCaprio is raising the fund for global cause. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

GPS Service and its benefits

Global Positioning System shortly known as GPS is a wide spread wireless navigation system formed by combination of 24 satellites and their respective ground stations. The reference point used by GPS is “man-made stars” which calculates the positions accurate to a matter of meters. GPS receivers are reduced to few integrated circuits and are quite economical these days which makes the technology available to everyone virtually.

Samsung paying £180m ($290m) to Apple

The Silicon Valley jury reported that Samsung has copied iPad and iPhone features for Samsung devices and it should pay $180m ($290m) to Apple.The judgement came when the previous jury said that Samsung should pay $1.05bn to Apple for copyright violation.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nepal: Battle of the female rappers

Everyone is shouting and demanding for Raw Barz. Raw Barz is a freestyle hip hop movement and now it’s bringing the female contestant in the rap battle. Yama Buddha, Nepalese rap icon is spreading the event allowing new rappers to make their own career in the music industry of Nepal.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What Is Cancer ? What Causes Cancer?

Many people are suffering and many are dying because of cancer. But what really is cancer? Well here’s the answer to your question: Cancer is a disease which is characterized by the growth of cell which is out of control. More than 100 different kinds of cancer have been identified so far, each identified with its initial effect on cell type. 

8-year old boy Samir Khadgi grabbed the bomb

Kathmandu: A bomb blast on Tuesday in Nepal’s capital just hours after the polls started for national election, hurting 3 people and raising fear that left wing extremist will disrupt the vote.A bomb blast at 10:00 A: M today in Bhotebahal, neighborhood in Kathmandu.

Watch Live of Election Day in Nepal

After the 10 year Maoist insurgency ended in 2006, the election has started again for the second time. Who the winner will be is not sure this time.As the voting system started, there occurred a blast in the capital city; Kathmandu where 3 people got injured including a child as per the officials.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Security provided to the election candidates

The election commission declaring campaign has been silenced before the 19th November- the Election Day. The candidates are now provided with full security. There has been tight security to protect the candidate’s house in order to prevent the crime which can be done by opposing forces or criminals.

Why you should drink lemon water in the morning?

Lemon has many benefits regarding health. Having lemon juice in the morning is one of them. It consists of magnesium, citric acid, vitamin C, calcium which enhances the immune system. It is rich in antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting power. The fresh lemon juice has many advantages in health.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The main causes of the Liver Damage

Liver is the main organ in human body; it is most important parts of body because it plays an vital role in converting food into energy and removes poisons from the blood. Live damage is the life frightening condition that needs urgent medical help. In rare conditions acute liver failure occur quickly in 48 hours.

ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier: Nepal pull off famous win against Kenya

Kathmandu, 16 Nov: Nepal have pulled off a mighty chase against Kenya beating them by 6 wickets in last over in their 2nd match at “ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier” played in Dubai on Saturday. Nepali skipper Mr. Paras Khadka scored an undefeated 54 runs in 31 balls with four sixes and three fours and scripted a memorable win for the Himalayan nation.

Former US president Jimmy Carter visit to Nepal to observe votes in election

The election campaign will be conducted in Nepal on 19th November. The political parties are busy with their owns ways of asking votes, Nepalese are busy collecting their voters ID card, there has been excessive increment in the food price, transportation issues and so on.

BonJovi won top honors in Billboard

The road hero Bon Jovi in the Billboard Touring Awards won the top honors. Also, 2013 Legend of Live name has given to the George Strait. Bon Jovi was awarded with top tour award in New York at the ceremony on Thursday night as highest grossing tour. Similarly bon Jovi also took bestselling road show of the year in top draw award.

Friday, 15 November 2013

39 percent of growth in vegetables

The ten day long protest by thirty three agitating parties from Monday has given rise to the price of vegetables. In Kathmandu Valley the vegetable price has risen to1.2% - 39 %. Director Arjun Prasad Aryal of “Kalimati Vegetable and Fruits Market Development Board” said that due to the transportation issues there is low supply of vegetables and even the truck willing to bring the supply are charging high price.

iH8sn0w confirms that jailbreak for iOS 7.0.4 is safe

Just few hours ago Giant Apple released iOS 7.0.4 that comes with few important bugs fix and improvements. The people who doubt if they can update to this new version but waiting any words from jailbreak team, we have got good news for you. Today iH8Sn0w the famous hackers and the team behind sn0wbreeze the famous jailbreak tools, has just approved that it is Safe to update to IOS 7.0.4.

What is insurance? Explain it’s any four primary functions?

Insurance is a kind of contract between insurer and the insured. First of all, the insured has to pay insurance premium to the insurer then the insurer should promise to pay the compensation due to the destruction of wealth and properties, expiry of time period and untimely the risk and uncertainty but it can reduce them providing financial assistance.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Nepali man stabbed to death in Sydney

MELBORNE, 13 Nov: A Nepalese man knifed to death in a Sydney apartment after allegedly being found with someone else’s girlfriend was due to marry his fiancé in a fortnight. The Nepalese born Amin Sthapit, 30 years old died from a stab wound to his stomach on Monday. He was found with 28-years old Filipino student Gee Cy Rebacus.

Petrol bomb hurled at microbus in Samakhusi

Kathmandu, 13 Nov: At least eight passengers were injured, when an unknown group thrown a petrol bomb at running microbus in Samakhushi, Kathmandu on Wednesday evening. The microbus No: (BA 1 JA 9891) was heading to Maharajgunj from Balaju when unknown men targeted it with petrol bomb.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Two killed in car accident at Tilganga,Kathmandu

On Wednesday, a car accident killed two people and three injured in Kathmandu near Tilganga, Gaushala. According to the police the car was Hyundai i10 and the number was Ba 8 Cha 3040. The car was slipped around 2am from the Tilganga Bridge and fell in Bagmati river. The dead body is identified. The dead body is Bimal and Pushpa Giri.

Dicaprio celebrate his 39th Birthday

Dicaprio's celebrate his birthday On 11th November Titanic actor Leonardo Dicaprio turned 39. His 39th birthday was celebrated with some of his close friend which includes rapper 2 Chainz, Kanye West. On 10th November his birthday was celebrated at TAO. West and 2 Chainz performed on their hits. West sang Gold Digger and Good Life while 2Chainz sang Happy Birthday in own style.

Petrol bomb hurled at micro van in Samakhushi

KATHMANDU, 13 NOV: A passenger was injured after a petrol bomb was thrown inside a micro van at Samakhushi, Kathmandu on Wednesday evening.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mind Blowing talent by Chinese Lady

I think you have never seen this talent. 42-year old Chinese lady perform the red panda show off,

Deepak Thapa Magar, comedy dancer

Hope you have seen Deepak Thapa Magar in Magar Program. He is a Nepalese comedy dancer or comedian. He is most successful and respect comedy dancer or comedian in Magar Comuunity.

Katy Perry most viewed video (Roar)

With all ups and downs in her life, Katy Perry is back again in the no. 1 position. With her new song ‘Roar’ she got the top of the Official Singles Chart and got her 4th UK no. 1.

Magar Kauda Dance

The Kauda dance is very famous and old dance in Magar Community. This dance is popular in Tanahun, Syangja, Gorkha and Palpa. It is perform in the festival of Maghe Sankranti.

The three month old fire baby stable

Have you heard about SHC?

SHC is Spontaneous Human Combustion - rare medical disorder i.e. a certain death due to fire originated from human (victim) body without the interference of external source. A source has reported that an Indian child Rahul just 3 months old has been the victim of SHC. He is frequently caught by the fire. The fire first caught the baby when he was just nine days.

Top free VPN services(Software)

What is a VPN?

VPN is defined as virtual private network with “virtual” connection encrypted and routed over the internet to remote computer servers. The packet passing between the client and the server are encrypted and internet protocol (IP) address that will show during downloading or browsing content from the net will be the server not the client.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Anuja Thapa Magar (first runner-up in the Miss Nepal US 2013)

Anuja Thapa from Norwalk, CA has been awarded as 1st runner-up in the Miss Nepal US 2013. The winner Anuja got prizes with retail value of 3 thousand dollar.

How you donate car in london

A new concept of car donation has aroused in United Kingdom. When people think of disposing or changing of cars they decide to try and free equity (remaining) in their car.

A Chinese women lost her life by using Iphone

23 year old- Chinese women Ma Ailun was killed by iPhone. When the women answered her phone (iPhone) she got electric shock. Her phone was charging and plugged in wall.

Falling European satellite burns up upon re-entry

Uknepal News, 11 Nov: A two thousand pound European Satellite burned up as it re-entered on earth’s atmosphere early Monday controllers reported.

33 Party alliance strike cripples life across country

Kathmandu, 11 Nov: Normal life across the country including Pokhara, Kathmandu valley has come silent on Monday Morning, due to the general strike enforced by the 33 party alliance led by CPN-Maoist.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Magar Culture and Identity

The Magars belong to the indigenous ethnic people of Nepal. They are constituted around 7.14% of total population of Nepal.

Some principles of Insurance

Insurance is a cooperative method of spreading the loss resulting from a particular risk over a number of persons who are exposed to it and who agree to ensure themselves against it by paying an amount of money to the common pool. The principles of insurance are given blow:

There is no controversy, Buddha was born in Nepal not in India.

India’s Zee TV has a new show ‘Buddha’. The show is based on the life story of the Buddhism founder Gautam Buddha. The cable operator of Nepal has demanded clarification to the

Giant Apple company release two version of iphone

Death of an icon Steve P. Jobs was shocking and a great loss to the technical industry.

Manish Koirala travel to Nepal after recovery from cancer diseases

Indian Bollywood star Manisha Koirala was suffering from cancer disease.She has got recovered after a long struggling of cancer. She expressed her happiness after getting cared.Few months ago, she came to Nepal for an event. Koirala was spotted in the Yak & Yeti hotel.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Jire Khursani 09 Dec.2013

Jire Khursani is the Nepalese Comedy Serial which is directed by Shiva Hair Poudel and Jitu Nepal.
They both are the script writers, co-ordinator and main actors of serial. The serial is broadcast on every-Monday in Nepal Television. This show always portrays about social problems suffered by the everyday people with comic punches.

Chhining Pihin Magar Song

Chhining Pihin is the Magar Language Movie which is directed by Chhabi Rana Magar and produced by Cheetan Rajali Magar.This movie was shooting on the New Year 2070 at Nawalparasi city. The movie story descript about young generation behaviour in the community. It was third magar film presentation of Rajali Film Banner.

German Trucker jailed for fatal M25 Smash

15 hours tired lorry drive Anton Maizen caused a deadly crash. His lorry was ploughed with 40 ton load in a traffic queue on M25, killed 79 year old man and injured other two.

Microsoft offering a marketing strategy

Microsoft has offered a new US marketing strategy for the customers to get Microsoft Surface tablets in exchange of their “used” iPads”.